A city in the world is such that it is forbidden to die

A city in the world is such that it is forbidden to die
A city in the world is such that it is forbidden to die

It is said in the Puranas that it is certain that the person who has taken birth in this world is also going to die. This is an eternal truth. Neither birth is in someone's hands nor death When and where the birth of which is written, it will happen. Wherever he has died, he also goes there somehow in his end time. People even say that there is no place in the world where death can be avoided but let's tell them now this is going to prove false. The reason is that in the world a place has been discovered where death is forbidden. Yes, this is absolutely true. Let's see what is behind this place.

Longyearbyen city of Norway. This city is in a tremendous discussion due to its own specialty. It is settled on the northernmost edge of the world. The city's population is being told close to 2000. It is reported that this is the only city of Sobalard Island which is the coldest place. Despite the freezing cold, people live here.

You will be surprised to know
That goes here in the tentative minus. Life is so difficult in this musical way that you can hardly think of staying here. Despite this people live here. By the way, you will be surprised to find one more thing about here that the more difficult it is to deal with the cold is to deal with the polar beers. Even more so, here's the specialty that there is no permission to die here.

Such was the search
This Arctic Town is also known as Longyear. This was searched by American John Longyear. This was the place where he started Arctic Coal Company in 1906. 500 people were brought here for mining operations. Please tell that Longyar was a company town. Despite this, most of the mining operations shifted to swigargua since 1990. Now this town has turned into a big tourists point right now. Now there is a lot of research here. You will also be surprised to know that there is no four-month sun exposure in the year and it lasts 24 hours a night.

The corpses do not even dissolve in the ground.
More importantly, here is not the roads known by any name. They are known by the numbers. Here's just a tool for things like coming and going. That is the snow scooter. Now the question arises, what is done here if someone is sick or close to death. They are taken from ship or plane to Norway. There is also a reason behind this and it is that there is a very small graveyard here. Despite this, no one was buried here in the last 70 years. This is because the bodies buried here before them have not yet been found in the ground. Due to freezing cold, the corpses are not bad at all.

Scientist was surprised
It is cold in such a difficult situation that the corpses are not bad. In order to prove this shocking point to scientists, scientists had taken tissue samples of a deadbed here a few years ago. They still found the influenza virus after research. Since then no death policy has been implemented here. Apart from this, there is danger of polar beers all the time here. It is also important for everyone to have high power rifles.

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