Dream village.Where everyone wants to go

Dream village.Where everyone wants to go

Dream village.Where everyone wants to go
Dream village


GIthurn is a famous tourist spot in the Netherlands (Holland), also known as 'Venice of the South' or 'Venice of the Netherlands'. Here the tourists are stranded all over the year because it is a village of dreams, a village where seeing the beauty and simplicity, they just want to go.

The most important feature of this village is that this whole village is surrounded by canals. There is no single car or bike in this village because there is no single road to run here. Anyone who has to go anywhere can go with the help of a boat. Boats run by electric motor in the canals, through which people come anywhere. These boats have very little noise and people do not have any complaints with them. At the same time, some people have made wooden bridges on the canal passing through the village to move from one place to another.

The village was built in 1230

This water in this village came in a fierce flood of 1170 but this village was established in 1230. When people came to live here, they got a lot of wild goats on that here, which probably would have flown here in the flood of 1170. Hence the name of this place was called 'Geytenhorn', which means 'Bakri ki Singh'. It was later named Giethroon.

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The story behind the construction of these canals is also interesting, here the construction of these canals was inadvertently. When people came to live on this, they saw that due to the flood of 1170, the place was filled with abundant pit in place. Pitt is a mixture of swampy soil and vegetation that is used as a fuel. Those people used to dig this pit out of place to work in it. In this way, the canals have been constructed here in many years. Then, maybe someone will not have an idea that due to the canals drawn from Pete Pet, this place will be covered as a beautiful tourist spot on the map of the world. The total length of the canals is 7.5 kms from this village.

A movie is famous

In the year 1958, the shooting of Bert Hungry's Dutch comedy film Fanfare, where Githuran was trained at the world level,

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