Enjoy Sex Life

Enjoy Sex Life
All limbs and asanas are universal. It can increase sex power too. Everyone can do this posture and this is a very easy posture and knowing the benefits of it, you will go to the chaos. By doing this seat, all the organs get exercise, so that is why it is called a universalization. This posture is done by laying on the back of the back. In this situation, all the weight of the body comes to the shoulder.

Law of universalization
Lie directly on the back of the back Put the legs together, bend the hands together side by side and keep the palms towards the ground. Gradually raise the legs with 30 degrees, then 60 degrees and finally 90 degrees, with the help of hands after filling the breath. If you can not lift the feet up to 90 degrees, then take the foot at 120 degrees and lift your hands and behind the waist.

While coming back, tilt a bit towards the back while keeping the legs straight. Remove both hands from the waist and make them straight on the ground. Now gradually straighten the first bench and the feet on the ground with the order in which they were raised by pressing the ground with palms. For as long as the universalization is done, rest for a while in the respiration.

Cochleas rest on the ground and keep feet straight by mixing them. Keep the paws stacked upward and eyes closed or on the toes of the foot. Those who are complained about in the neck or spine should not do this posture.

Universal benefits
sex power can increase. When someone is absolutely disturbed towards sex, this seat works like a panacea for him. Those who feel feeling disappointed with the name of sex or they feel weak during sex, they will get rid of all problems through this posture. It strengthens your shoulder and neck portion.It also removes impotence, frustration, sexual power and various defects of sexual organs. This means that you can increase your sex power too.

Being active in thyroid and pituitary gland is mainly beneficial in height. Asthma, obesity, impaired and tired disorders are far away. The supplemental posture of this posture is mediated, hence the benefits of getting more benefits from this posture by meditating before resting in respiration.

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