How to increase sex power with Halasan

How to increase sex power with Halasan
If you want to improve your sexually-married life, you can increase your sex power by halasan. If you have any sexual problem, then you should take Yoga support. This problem can be corrected by some postures of Yoga. One of these incidents is Asana, Halasan. In Halasan, the body shape becomes like a solution, hence it is called Halasan. Halasan is important for making our body flexible. It keeps our spine always young. This posture is done by laying on the back of the back.

First lie down on the ground to the ground. Match the heel-claws. Put the palms of the hands on the ground and keep the elbows in the waist. Now put out breathing at a convenient time. Then, stretching the legs together before each other, lift up to 60 degrees and up to 90 degree angle, gradually picking it up from the ground.

Raise the knees straight up to the sky at an angle of 90 degrees above the forearm. Then pressing the palms on the ground, folding the feet back towards the head with the help of palms, put the claws on the ground. Now put the treaty of both hands in the head and put it on the head. Then press the head with the palms a little, leaving your legs and backwards.

Keep it at your convenience for as long as possible, then gradually increase the duration of this situation by two to five minutes.

Do not do this posture in case of serious disease related to spine or any serious disease in the throat. Keep your foot while standing asana and keep the knees straight.

This posture leads to the transmission of excitement in the sexes, due to which the desire for work is awakened. If someone has a problem of impotence, then this posture also brings relief to this problem. This posture can be used to increase sexual energy. This makes the sexual glands of men and women strong and active.

Hardness in the spine is a sign of old age. Halasan makes spine flexible. By protecting the health of spinal cord, the symptoms of old age do not come quickly. By regular practice of Halasan, indigestion, constipation, urine, minor development of thyroid, organisms, hereditary aggravation, asthma, phlegm, blood disorder etc. are far away. Headache is away.

You want to increase your sex power. The nerves become pure. The body becomes strong and stunning. If the liver and spleen have increased, then Halasan comes in the normal shape. By the emergence of the ascension, the yogic form of the fire becomes the kundalini upward. The Vishuddhakrish is active. If you practice it regularly then increase your sex power.

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