How to increase sex power with butterfly posture

How to increase sex power with butterfly posture
If you want to increase your sex power then you can increase yoga. There are many different types of postures in the yoga. All the rugs get different benefits or benefits. Someone is easy to do so that is done easily but Some postures are very difficult. If you also want to do asana, you should do simple posture. One of these simple rugs is Asan Butterfly Asana. You must have heard about the benefits of the Asanas. But do you know if the rosary is done incorrectly, then it can also be damaged so that about its benefits and disadvantages And tell the way in which it is done.

Butterfly can be done very easily. This rule in English is called Butterfly Pose. While shaping a butterfly, your body shape becomes like a butterfly, hence the butterfly is done by the government.

The butterfly seat name has been given so that when you do this seat, you flip your legs like wings of a butterfly. So let's know the advantages and disadvantages of butterfly posture.

Sit in front of the legs spreading front, the spinal cord is straight. Turn the knees and bring both legs towards the pelvis, the legs of the feet touch each other. Hold both your legs firmly with both hands. You can keep your hands under the feet for support. Try to bring the heel as close to the genitals as possible. But, while doing this, keep in mind that hand should remain straight and the body should be completely straightforward. This should be done so that the spinal cord is straightened. Take long, deep breaths, exhale, knees and thighs on the floor.

Like the butterflies' wings, start shaking both feet upwards. And gradually increase the speed. Make the process as fast as possible. Stop slowing down, take a deep breath, lean forward and bow down to the front, pushing the thighs or knees to the knee so that the knee and thigh touched the ground. Feel the strain in the inner part of the joints and keep breathing deeply. Relax the muscles. Take a long deep breath and bring the torso up. Gently leave the posture while leaving the breath. After this, gradually straighten your legs and leave the body loose for some time.

Removal of the fatigue of the feet, eliminating fatigue due to standing for long periods of time and walking. Having flexible flexibility of the body, spinal cord and knees increases flexibility in the pelvis and hips. Relieved from menstrual discomfort and menopause symptoms during menstrual periods. Stretch the muscles. With less butterfly posture, there is a lot of stretch in the inner thigh muscles, which ends with this seat. It is also beneficial for urinary system.

With this posture strengthening the genitalia, pelvic and groin organs have elasticity. As well as increasing interest in sex, it is also possible to consume extreme hunger. Your sex power grows. Strengthening the intestines is beneficial for the arrows and helps in bowel movements. Pregnancy is beneficial in pregnancy due to continuous intake during beneficial pregnancy. To remove the pain of the joint, the butterfly drops in the legs due to butterfly posture. In this painting of arthritis and joints, this seat is very comfortable. This makes the immunity system even stronger.

If there is a problem in the lower part of your lower back, then this pose by keeping the spinal cord straight. If knee pain is felt, or women who are in pregnancy, they should keep a towel or blanket under the knees and round. If you have pain in the catheter or lower back, do not easy the butterfly. While doing this seat Do not move the legs more loudly. Do as much as you can. By doing the exercises, slowly your legs will start twisting properly. If there is any injury or pain in the knees, then do not do this asana. Do not make any mistake in increasing your sex power, keeping the seat with caution.

Butterfly can increase sex power by posture. Benefits of Butterfly Asana Above You If you also want the above benefits, then you must practice butterfly asana. Yoga develops the body and mind. It has many physical and mental advantages.

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