How to increase sex power

How to increase sex power
How to increase sex power
Are you upset with your sexual life? Do you want to increase your sex power? Are you shy to tell your problem to anyone? So, you are about to say some such home remedies. Sexual problems are ours due to bad habits.If you have to solve your problem. You have to improve your habits. Nowadays, nowadays boys are not even 15 years old, and they begin to masturbate and keep doing it continuously for two to three times a day and for 20 years you have to face this problem, they start looking for the treatment of foreigners. But if you do not have to control your habits, then one day you will become impotent. Ashley martyrdom will have to improve you as soon as possible, and the second thing is we Seeing the wrong pictures like X X. If our mind becomes weak by seeing such a picture, then let me do it happily today. But before doing the treatment, you have to improve all your bad habits and celibacy Will have to follow.

Foreplay must be done before sex. Couplings should have sex only after the foreplay of at least 10-15 minutes. From this, sexual action is pleasurable and satisfying. Mix 150 gram sihangade flour, 15 grams of feathered coconut, 10 grams of sont powder - mix all in one liter cow's milk and cook it on a low flame. When the hollow is like, add 125 grams of ghee to it and roast it and add half a kilogram of water and keep it safe. Take it in the amount of 10 to 20 grams with milk in the morning and evening. It is a panacea of ​​semen, dysplasia and semen fluidity.

Make powder by sowing seed and cowpea seeds in equal proportions. Eating 5 grams of this powder with 5 grams of sugar does not decay semen of milk with milk twice a day. Drinking 20 liters of pulse juice of ghee leaves leaves in empty stomach in the morning in the body. Along with agility and physical strength, male sexual power also increases.

Take away 4-5 bottles of berries and two teaspoons of honey in the coconut grinding for power, to remove impotence and stimulate the sexual activity and power. If the butter is found, then add one spoon to it too. Use this recipe for 20-25 days. If you stay away from sex during this time, you will get more benefits.

Everyday routine and stress is also affecting our sexual life, in order to keep your sex life healthy, adopt some home remedies and increase your sex power, 5-5 walnuts, almonds and apricots- all these everyday Chew and chew in the morning and drink a glass of milk from above. With this experiment sexual power increases, the body will also be strong. If desired, you can increase the above amount according to your digestive power.

Adding ghee and honey (odd quantity) in 5 grams of Viqikandand powder will increase the empowerment by consuming it. It should be used for a long time. Grind the pulse of the seeds of the seeds and put it in the banyan milk and stir it for 12 hours. Then make pills equal to peas and keep them dry in the shade. Take 1-1 tablet with milk in the morning and evening, there is benefit in semen gonorrhea. Make powder of pure beans of coconut and keep it. Eating 5-5 grams of powdered sweet milk in the morning and evening gives great sexual power.

Put almond powder, residue, poppy seeds, small cardamom and sugar candy and grind it. Eating it with milk in the amount of 7-8 grams, there is the suppression of premature ejaculation.Drink the raw fruits of the cup dry in the shade and make the crushing powder. This powder should be given 10-15 grams of milk in the morning and evening Eat with. Regularly take this recipe for 45 days and do not keep sexual relation during its use. People who feel impotent because of the weak mind, going for them is not less than a boon. Recent studies have shown that the men who regularly walk for two miles daily, the fear of being impotent is reduced three times.

After eating or after half an hour, taking part of the dry, black pepper and small portions of powdered 3 grams (one teaspoon) with plain water, there is a benefit in sexuality. Regularly sexual activity increases in the practitioners That's good. Scientists believe that the sex hormone required for sexual health is due to the increase in the amount of testosterone from the exercise. This is done by taking 2-2 tablets of Vishant Kusumakar juice with milk in the morning and evening, impotence, sensory impairment, frost etc. Disorders are removed.

Take 20 grams of pistachio finely ground, 20 grams of sugar candy, 5 grams of sandal powder and 10 grams of honey and 1 roti cannabis together, all mix together (this is a dose) with hot milk. This experiment brings relief from sexual impairment and impotence in just eight days. Mix 5 grams of black mushley powder and half gram wangfasam in a small amount of honey and take the stomach in the morning and lick it before sleeping at night. With this, the complaints of premature ejaculation are resolved. Take the powder and soak it in water at night. Chew it in the morning and eat it. There is profit in premature ejaculation.

Regular consumption of asparagus juice is eliminated from the sexual impairment. Make powder by scattering the seed or roots of the slurry. Mix old jar equal to whole powder and make 3-3 gm tablets. Take 1-1 tablet with sweet milk in the morning and evening for 40 days. This increases the sexual power. Mix 10 grams of onion juice, 15 grams of honey, 5 grams of ghee and 10 grams of ginger juice - regularly and eat together regularly for 21 days. It removes impotence and increases sex power.

Make the powder by adding equal quantity of powder, asparagus, ashwagandha, corn seeds, muesli and bunchu. Consume it in the amount of 3 to 5 grams with milk in the morning and evening. It is the best home remedy to remove impotence and sexual impoverishment. Make the powder of the herbs and root seeds and cauliflower seeds in equal amounts and make fine powder. Eat 5 grams of powdered (approximately one teaspoon) every morning and drink a glass of sweet milk from above. By eating such a regular one and a half months, impotence is removed and sexual arousal increases. But sexual activity should be avoided during its consumption period.

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