Importance of Mahashivaratri

Importance of Mahashivaratri

One year of Earth is a day of heaven. The earth is gross. The speed of the gross is small, that is, it takes more time for the gross to travel in the universe. Devas are subtle and their speed is also high. That's why they take a short time to travel in the universe. This is the reason that there is a difference of one year between the Earth and God in their call. Shiva rests on one night in the night. Their duration of this rest is called 'Mahashivaratri'. Mahashivaratri in South India and Maharashtra According to the symbolic calculation, Magh Krishna Chaturdashi and in North India, according to the Vikram Samvat Kargaran, Phalguna comes to Krishna Chaturdashi.

Importance of Mahashivaratri

Importance of Mahashivaratri
Importance of Mahashivaratri

1. On the day of Mahashivaratri, Shivatattva is employed 1000 times more than usual. In order to get the maximum benefit of Shiva principle, worshiping Shiva with a devotional ceremony on the day of Maha Shivaratri, 'Namah Shivaya' should be done more and more.

A merciless and humble hunter (bahlia), one day went hunting for hunting. On the way, he saw Shiva temple. That day was Mahashivaratri. For this reason, in the Shiv Mandir, the devotees were seen performing poojan, bhajan, kirtan. 'Stupid people who believe in the stone are saying' Shiv Shiva 'and' Har Har ', in such a way they went into the forest while doing satirical statements. To find the hunt, he sat on a tree. But because of the leaves, he was not seen cheating. For this reason, he started breaking down one leaf and falling down. While doing this act, he was being called as Shiva Shiva, suffering from cold. The leaves of the leaves, which were broken down, were falling on Shiva's pindi under the tree, which was not known to Baheli. In the morning she appeared a deer. Bahelia was about to shoot him, the deer started requesting not to shoot the arrow. Then, after telling the result of sin, he left there. Jaagran of unknowingly, Mahashivaratri, due to chanting of Shalp and Shiva's chanting, Shiva's sin was destroyed and knowledge was also received. It is known from this story that Shiva is also very happy with the worship of Shiva who was also unknowingly!

2. Vowels
This fast has three parts - Fasting, Puja and Jagran.

3. Law of fasting

Be a part of the Falgun Krishna side Triadshi. On the occasion of Chaturdasi, resolve the fast in the morning. Make a sacred bath by going to the river on the evening or on the pond. Wash and wear Rudraksha. Go to Lord Shiva's Temple in Pradosal Meditate on Shiva. After that, worship Goddess Shodashopachar. Bhavbhavani Preetirth (Here Bhava means Shiva). Offer one hundred eight lotus or billpath to Lord Shiva while chanting Nam Namr. Offer floral wreaths, give as much as possible. If the chanting of worship, psyche and chanting of the Mantra are taken, then take the flowers thrown on Shiva's head and put it on your head and apologize to Shiva. "On the occasion of Mahashivaratri, we offer aanmandari (bouquet of mango) on Mahashivaratri." - Gurudev Dr. KateSwamiji

a. Mahashivaratri is one and every one is one; Therefore, Shankar is encouraged by Tulsi and Vishnu.

4. Yam worship

There is the law of worshiping four in the four quarters of Shivratri, which is called Yampu Puja. In every yampu, you should embrace the deity, imitate and also offer datura, mango and ballet. Burn 26 pieces of rice flour to the Goddess of the Goddess. Donate 108 lamps at the end of the worship. Mantras of each worship are different; Accompany with chants Awake in dance, song, storytelling etc. Take bath in the morning, re-worship Shiva. Brahmana for the end of fasting ie fasting. Receiving blessings, fasting ends. Twelve, fourteen, or twenty-four years, when they are fasting, then do their fame. '

A sensation of Maha Shivaratri

On the eve of Mahashivaratri, in the evening when looking at the sky, while enchanting, the atmosphere of being sattvik

a. 'In the evening of Mahashivaratri, my nostalgia was happening with concentration and the feeling of gratitude towards God was awakening.

come. Looking at the sky, I was feeling great. The atmosphere seemed to be similar to the spot; The experience of sattvikta was going on. It was realized that, despite being a physical suffering, it is in a pleasant atmosphere and in a positive way, it is done by itself. And at the same time, the sadhika of the Department of Micro-knowledge, Smt. Anjali Gadgil was also chanting. Seeing them, they felt as if they were sitting in the vacancy of the universe, and it seemed as if the environment has become more sattvik than that of daily.

Scientific foundation of Lord Shiva's worship

Receiving spiritual knowledge of any deity, helping them increase our worshipers. Naturally 'reverence' is helpful for emotional worship. Spiritual worship is more fruitful. From this point of view, Shivaji's work, Shivaji's work, how the devotees of Lord Shiva used to be consumed, how to make a colorful look before Shiva, which number of flowers to Shiva, what fragrance should be shown to Agnbatti, and the Adi Shiva spiritual spiritual information.

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