sex power increase in yoga

sex power increase in yoga
If you are washing a solution to increase your sex power then today you are going to tell you a seat so that you can increase physical and mental power with your sex power. You will never have any weakness in sex. Come on, Bhadrasana means the coronation which is coronated with the monkeys. Bhadrassa is done in two to three ways. Today, I will say this simple method of posture, then let's start.

Bhadrasan means
Gentle and Sun are both different words (sex power increase) means gentle or friendly. This posture helps in enhancing your sex power, and this asana meditation and meditation are considered favorable for long periods of time, so that your body is beautiful and always healthy, so it goes to Bhadrasana, it is easy to do this asana and I'm going to tell about the easy method then let's start.

Law of bhadrasana
The first method is to sit in the position of dandasan first by setting it in the gap. (Sex power increase) Then by folding the knees, together with the legs of two legs, place the ankles on the bones below the anus or penis. Applying the claws of both hands to the forearm to get the forehead on the ground. Now for a while, look at the nose on the next part. This is the first position of Bhadrasan. The knower of yoga is also called gorakhshanasan.

The second method should be settled first in the penis. (Sex power increase) Now turn your right leg from knee to the back and place the pathathali under the butt. Then fold the left foot back from the knee and place the pathathali under the butt. Now place both hands on the knees and keep the knees as far as possible from each other. Close the eyes and for some time now take a look at the front of the nose. This is the second position. In short, sit in vajrasana and remove both knees from the distance.

Apart from this, there are other methods of Bhadrasan. In both the above situations Jalandhar bond can be imposed.

Benefits of posture
This posture is more beneficial for the concentration of mind (sex power increase). Apart from this, regular practice of Bhadrasana increases the strength of patience and concentration in the heart. This posture strengthens the nervous system and blood vessel system of men and women. Regular practice of Bhadrasad increases patience and concentration during sexual intercourse. At the same time, there is a feeling of extreme happiness during sex. And you can increase your sex power with this seat.

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