The advantages of garlic will be Junk Choke.

The advantages of garlic will be Junk Choke.
Makes sex hormones
Garlic has a substance called '' Alice '', which cures men's hormones ie sex hormone levels. It eliminates erecton disulfide in men. At the same time there is selenium in garlic and heavy amounts of vitamins are found which increase the quality of the skin.

The benefits of garlic are given in Ayurveda. Someone uses raw garlic, so someone takes it in a vegetable or chutney. But little know that garlic is also consumed by frying, and especially for men, garlic food is very beneficial.

The amount of sulfur-containing compounds in Garlic is quite large. There are also an alleys in the elements to be found in it. Because of this garlic has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties. A research on garlic explains that phytochemicals present in Garlic are beneficial for men's health.

However, doctors of Ayurveda often recommend men to eat a bud of roasted garlic at night. Let's know what its benefits

Heart is good for health
Garlic helps keep your heart fit. It contains elements which increase the level of good cholesterol in the body, which makes it easier to eliminate bad cholesterol. Patients with hypertension and high blood pressure should eat at least garlic pods daily.

Beneficial in toothache
Taking the garlic provides relief in toothache. For this, grind garlic with cloves and prepare the paste. Put the prepared paste on the part of the toothache and leave it. In a while you will get relief in pain.

Cancer is helpful in fighting
Garlic enhances the body's resistance and helps the body fight serious diseases such as cancer. Doctor advises eating raw jowl of garlic in panicrias, colococcorral, breast and prostate cancer.

For immunity
Yes, consumption of garlic also increases the immunity of disease. This allows our body to cope with diseases in a much better way.

To clean the stomach
Garlic has the properties of cleaning the body's toxic substances. It also helps in removing bacteria present in the stomach. Especially when it is eaten empty stomach.

For jittery nerves
In many reports it has been said that the consumption of empty stomach garlic reduces the problem of chaos in the veins.

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