Bhujangasan Sex power increase

Bhujangasan Sex power increase
Bhujangasan meaning = Bhujang is derived from Sanskrit language (method of increasing sex power) Bhujang means (sex pawor) hence this seat is also called serpent posture. Bhujangasan is also called the Cobrapost in the English language. Bhujang Asan Asana is a famous seat of all the yoga postures. This posture is found to be related to sexually related problems and for patients with stomachache, this posture is very beneficial. Surya Namaskar, which is called the entire exercise posture, Bhujangasan comes together in sequence. By doing the Asana every day, it provides strength to the khanana back, kidney and liver, and is the seat to be freed from many diseases.

First of all, choose a clean and clean airy place for Bhujang Asana. After that, lie down on the stomach by laying the posture (method of increasing sex power).

Then spread both the legs long and well. And put chin on the ground. By keeping both of the ankles fixed to the ribs on both sides, put both hands on the floor. (Remember that the paws of your hands should be straight and the land should be more, and both the khahnya should be twisted and straight).

While keeping the Bhujang Asana, take special care of the fact that both hands should have a claw, right under both shoulders (on the ground).

Now put your head on the floor. And then closing your eyes and filling inside the breath body slowly raise the chin, then lift the neck upwards towards the sky. Then lift your chest up slowly. And then lift your stomach portion up slowly.

Now forward, move the neck back upwards to back the back (like the command). Put the emphasis on the body for upstairs, the less force you can get on hand. Keep in mind that putting the front part of both legs on the ground is to try to lift the front part of the body at normal speed.

After Bhujang Asana arrives in this posture, open your eyes and keep the respiratory motion normal (breathing in normal speed and leave it out). And for the first time, keep this asana posture from twenty seconds to thirty seconds. Then start moving the body raised upwards.

After returning to that posture, after starting the posture with the stomach of the stomach, criticize your head on both hands or take your head off the ground and rest for as long as you have done the Bhujang posture. .

After taking Bhujangasan, you should extinguish the exhaustion of breathing.

How much time should
In the beginning, this seat should be done three times. (The way to increase sex power) means to set a set of 20 seconds to 30 seconds and set such a day. After increasing your practice every day, gradually you can make the rule to 10 12 20 and 21. You can do this for 20 to 30 seconds in the position of Bhujangasan Asana after which you should rest for a while. You can increase the range of this posture with your practice but it can harm the body to give more pain to the body.

The person doing the Bhujang posture (method of raising sex power) while taking the front part of the body from the ground and taking it down it is very important to ensure that there is a similar force on the palms of both hands. You do not have to fold both the shoulders. Keeping the shoulders stretched as fast as possible. And keep the relaxes. Keep your mouth mood pleased while doing this asana. Experience the enjoyment of asana and do not use excessive force from body constraints. The patient with severe type of back pain should do the same after the doctor's advice. If there is shortness of stomach ache, then this should not be done asana. Do not shave the back and the head back and should not be folded. The patient should not take the breathtaking posture at all. Ulcer patients also do not have bad breath. Pregnant women should not use Bhujang Asana. Women do not practice this form even during the monthly cycle. If any kind of surgery is done on the body, then do this posture only after the doctor's advice.

This gives you energy during sex and also provides relief from the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Regular use of Bhujanga asana (method of enhancing sex power) gives women the benefit of problems related to the menstrual cycle. And reproductive diseases are also removed.

The backbone gets strengthened by making a buzzing posture. The cure disease is removed, the gas problem is eradicated. The digestive system is strong and the excess fat stored in the stomach is also removed.

By doing this exercise in the morning every morning, the bone becomes elastic.

Bhujang Asana is beneficial to the patient in the stomach. Other common diseases in the neck also get rid of the use of Bhujang Asana.

Kidney and liver stay healthy due to Bhujangasan. And if a person has diseases related to kidney, liver or abdomen, then he gets rid of the disease by doing Bhujang posture. This asana increases the immunity of the body.

Individuals who sit and work throughout the day increase the fat around the stomach and waist. If such person performs Bhujang posture every day, fat can be reduced fast.
Bhujangasana makes breathing better

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