Do you want to keep your cheeky and beautiful

Do you want to keep your cheeky and beautiful
We want to look beautiful with others, we use the methods we went for it. There are so many creams in the market that claim that your face will be fair but after some time your face gets worse instead of being fair, so you should check once before using the things available in the market. . Whoever has used creams should ask them whether they benefit or do not get it. Today we will tell you about some such methods.

Whichever but nobody wants that your face is bad, if you also want your face not to be bad and in some days when your face becomes fair, today I am telling you that the home remedies that caused you some damage And your face will be fair, so let's start

If you use spicy food in the morning, then your face will start getting stains like spots and nail acne. Apart from this, if you use spicy food in the morning, many diseases like stomach disorders such as gas acidity can cause constipation, due to which the stain and spike on the face will start to acne. In addition to morning morning, you will get more green Vegetable should be used to remove your skin and it will help you to get the white color.

First of all, after clearing in the morning, clean your teeth and take a face if you want to use a face wash. Washing the face in the morning is very important, this will give you a lot of benefit. When you clean your face in the morning, the face of your face will be cleaned and you will feel fresh and fresh. Apart from this, when you sleep in the bed only after washing your face in the night.

If you want to fulfill your face quickly, then use turmeric and lemons. Turmeric is not me. I would like to have our wholesome nail acne acne will all be erased. To use it, mix two spoons of turmeric and one half chopped lemon into a little water and put it on your face. If you want, keep it till the whole night, if you do not want it, till it does not go wrong After that, wash your mouth with water and then go to sleep and after the rise in the morning, wash your face with a face wash so that the color of the turmeric leaves it and it will be done by doing it to us. The face will be white and without scarring and it will not hurt you anymore and once your face becomes fair, then it should be done twice a week after which you will not have to face it again.

After washing your mouth after washing your mouth, first you should drink two glasses of water. Drinking water should drink so that your stomach gets cleansed if your stomach becomes clean then you will not have any disease and there will be no disease, then your face It will be white because you know how much water is necessary for us. Therefore, after washing your hands, first wash your hands after drinking two glasses of water. After eating a few after the half-hour drink that impact you should be as quickly as possible.

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