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Every other person is troubled by the problem of growing stomach fat. The beginning of the problem of growing patches is slow in the beginning that at the beginning you can not even experience it. And as long as you feel this problem is too late. Your stomach has come out so much that it is very difficult to control it now but it is not impossible. If you are suffering from stomach problems then you need to take care of home remedies and some necessary yoga to reduce your stomach today. Yoga is not less than a boon to reduce the stomach but it is necessary that you Do these Yogasons regularly and on time.

Your increased stomach also has a bad effect on your physical beauty as well as on your health. If you are having obesity for a long time, you may have a chronic disease like cholesterol, diabetes, and heart problems. Therefore, if you are a little aware of your health, then start taking measures for your increased stomach today. Home remedies, yoga and some necessary postures give amazing benefits to reducing weight.

Yoga for the stomach
Yoga is the best way to control the increased stomach. Yoga is not only to the stomach but also to the whole body also gives wonderful benefits. So from today start yoga practice to maintain your good health. So let us know about some of the yoga exercises which give amazing benefits in reducing the increased fat in the stomach.

Surya Namaskar
It is the only such asana which, if done according to the law, then there is no need to do any other asana. In the Siva Namaskar Asana, salutation to the Sun God. Regularly performing the Surya Namaskar, the body keeps the body healthy It remains calm and the stomach extra fat gradually decreases. This seat can also be used to make the body shape attractive. So let us know about the method of performing solar salutation.

In an open and quiet atmosphere, stand in front of a posture while standing in the morning. First of all, join hands and salute the sun. Now slowly take the breath away and keep both hands in front of the front. Now keep the hands of both hands upwards and take the hands slightly backwards. Seconds stayed and breathe slowly during this time.

Now gradually leaning down the breath while bringing the hand towards the front, leaving the breath, try to touch the eddy of the legs with both hands and kneel the head with knees.

Now you take your left foot full and straighten and look at the front and keep on breathing slowly. After doing this, take the other leg backwards and look at the front. This situation is called pen posture to see the picture below to understand properly

Now, let's keep both knees down on the floor and in this state, take the body back a little bit. And now take the body forward and bend the two anusms and touch your chest with the ground and touch your chin along the ground. In this stage, both feet should be touched with the claws, knees, chest and chin

Now, keeping both hips on the ground, slowly filling the chest with breath in the lungs, lift the chest, let the stomach touch the ground. After lifting the child, both hands will be straightened. Take the head and neck portion backwards in this position, as shown in the picture

Now you should lift the hips so much that until both of your knees are completely straight. At this stage, keep both the leg and both arms touching the ground with the hood

Now bring your right leg between the palms of both hands. Keep the left leg attached to the ground and press the hips down on the ground and look at the front, slowly breathing slowly

Now bring the left foot between the two palms forward with the right foot. And try to touch your head with both knees

Now slowly, breathing in the lungs, bring both hands upwards onto the shoulders. Keep both hands straight and keep the upper part slightly behind.

After doing this, bring both hands together in the side and greet them in the end.

Surya Namaskar makes the whole body fertile and nimble as well as reducing the abdomen. Therefore, to reduce the stomach from today, make sure that at least two times in your daily life, Surya Namaskar posture in the best yoga selection.

Westtonasana is the seat to be done by sitting. It can not be done completely when it is stomach, but should try to do as much as possible. The consequences of this seat appear in front of you and your extra stomach in the stomach disappears.

The method - sit in the posture, straighten the legs and keep the waist straight. In this stage, both the feet of the feet and the eddy should be connected to each other.Now, spreading the arms in the lungs, After that, turning the waist forward, both hands should be brought straight ahead and with both legs, the eddy of both legs caught. Try to apply your head to both knees at this stage. Do not bend, but initially it is a bit difficult to do, so you can turn a little knee. It is more beneficial to do this posture without kneeling. Try to stop for 20 to 30 seconds in this condition. Now slowly move your waist straight back and take hands too. And finally bring the hands down.

The most beneficial benefits of the Westtonasana Asana are found in the stomach and also the liberation of constipation etc. is obtained.

This is a very simple posture that you can easily do. And most of its benefits can be found in reducing stomach fat. By doing this asana, the whole body gets peace and fatigue is also removed. So let us know how to do this asana

Method: Sit in the awakening position after spreading the asana. In this situation, turning both knees down the feet of Eddy under his hips. All the weight of your hips should come in the place of the foot eddy. Straighten the feet of the feet. Now bow down the waist and head towards the front and touch the head from the ground. Straighten the hands towards the front. And now take both hands slowly behind your back. At this stage, you should wait for 2 to 3 minutes and come back again. To reduce the stomach, repeat Balasan posture at least 3 times.

Yachting posture is most effective on the digestive system. By doing this posture every day, all the diseases associated with stomach begin to cure and also the extra fat of the stomach gets reduced. If you want an asana for pet ke Liye Yoga Hindi, which will also improve the digestive system along with stomach, this boating will be the best fit for you. So let's know

Yachting Station
Method - First of all, by wearing a posture, lie first on the back of the bench. Upon shaking both legs, lift upwards and keep the hand on the ground only by the palm. Now gradually raise the hands along the upper part of the waist, only your hip should be on the ground, the rest should be in accordance with the picture given below.

Kapal bhati pranayama
Kapal Bhati Pranayam has proven to be the most effective for reducing the weight of the body.Kopal Bhati Pranayam brings new energy in the body. The disease of the whole body increases resistance. At present, some researchers have also claimed that 70 to 80% of diseases of the body can be cured by kapalbhati pranayama. But there is no two opinion that there is no other yoga better influenced by Kapal Bhati Pranayam in reducing belly fat. So let's know

Kapal Bhati method of doing pranayama
Method - Sit straight down the waist and sit comfortably. Put both of your hands on your knees. Now take a deep breath in the lungs, then pulling the breath out and pulling the stomach part inwards. In this situation the muscles of the stomach shrink. You can also feel it by keeping your hands on the stomach. Now fill the breath again in the lungs, by doing so let loose the stomach and leave it on the outside. In this way, as soon as you breathe out the stomach, push the stomach inwards and breathe out while leaving the stomach loose. This action of breathing and leaving can be done at a fast pace, with medium speed and slow speed.

All the above yogaas give amazing results in reducing fat in the stomach. But to reduce the stomach fat by yogic yoga, you have to keep yoga for a long time. As soon as you control the excess fat of the stomach, do not stop yoga or otherwise the stomach fat will begin to grow again. Make a part of your daily life and experience good health as well as happiness and peace.

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