Ravishment(sexual power)

Ravishment(sexual power)
"Usher" is a Sanskrit word and it is a symbol of "camel". Ushrasana has been named "Camel Pose" in English. Ushrasana is a half-folding yogic that opens up the heart cycle. This stance comes in the body's compatibility, the body gets quality and strength related to the stomach increases.

To be healthy and healthy, you should include Yoga and Exercise in the lifestyle. Today we are going to tell you about rapture, which will help to overcome many of your health problems. Uthrasan means the word 'Ushtr'. This posture looks like body height. This yoga is very beneficial for health. With this, you can overcome problems such as increasing weight and diabetes. Apart from this, it keeps your mind calm. So let's know.

How to do this seat
To do this posture, first you sit on the floor with knees. Keep in mind that the thighs and feet are together and the claws are on the floor on the back. Keep a distance of about one foot between the knees and feet. After this, you stand on your knee and bend backwards and bend backwards. Now place the right palm on the right aisle and the left palm on the left heel. Keep in mind that there is no shock to the neck while bending back. After this, the head bend backwards towards the back while making the right angle on the floor from the thighs. Body weight should be uniformly on arms and legs. Now breathe slowly and slowly stop breathing. Then, leaving a deep breath, in its normal condition. You can do this seat 5-7 times.

Benefits of rustle
This posture, which turns backwards, has an effect on our nervous system and spinal cord, and you are comfortable in self-control under stressful situations.

If there is a problem of slip disc and cytica, do this asana in front of an Expert. Your problem will be solved. In addition, this posture also eliminates the problems of periods in women.

By doing this asana, the transmission of blood in the genitals is well done. Due to this, communication between the body and body in the body during the sexes, which helps in the enjoyment of sex.

This posture is very beneficial in cervical spondylitis.
It cleanses digestive power and removes stomach disorders.
It removes the waist and abdominal fatness and makes it flexible.

It is absolutely perfect posture to protect the lungs and diseases. Regarding this asana regularly, the problems related to the lungs are kept away.

Turning backwards, keeping the focus on your breathing action keeps the mind calm. That gives success in ending the key spirit.

This posture is also very beneficial for removing any problem associated with eye irritation or associated with it.

If you are a diabetic patient, then this yoga is very beneficial for you. By doing this posture you can control diabetes to a great extent. This yoga helps in the release of insulin by stimulating your pancreatias, which keeps the diabetes in control.

If you get a lot of anger then you can do this yoga. This yoga practice will calm down and you will also be left out of brain problems.

By doing this posture, you can control the weight of your stomach faster and also with increasing weight. If you take this seat right and regular, then you will start seeing the difference.

Keep meditation
It may be dangerous to do this posture even in more waist pain.

Persons with Hernia should not do this posture.

Do not do this posture while having high blood pressure or heart disease.

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