Remedies for reducing belly fat in 15 days

Remedies for reducing belly fat in 15 days

If you want to reduce your stomach fat, reduce the use of tea. And secondly, if you worship mostly outside, then reduce it, because most of the fried items are available in the outside food, so eat more fried things increases stomach fat because of it. And if you are fond of drinking tea, if you do not go without tea, then you can use green tea. This will add to your tea addiction and your stomach will also be reduced and you will be able to finish the fat of your stomach.

There may be a reason for growing stomach fat. First of all, if your stomach fat increases, then your look worsens, and besides this you can also cause health problems. And the main reason for the increase of stomach fat is to face the problem due to lack of irregular eating and physical activity.

There are many people who are looking for a remedy to deal with these problems but they are not getting it. People are always looking for that their belly fat disappears from chat and many people will have tried but their efforts fail. But today I am going to tell you some easy way to reduce your stomach fat in 15 days.

Fasting one day a week can be beneficial to the body. If you are very fond of eating and drinking If the food items are not able to control themselves when they come out, then fasting one day a week. During this, only drinks or fruits like lemonade, milk, juice, soup etc. should be preferred. If you want you can eat a vegetable salad or fruit salad. Salad can be effective in weight loss as well as being beneficial to the body.

do yoga
Yoga is a good option to reduce belly fat. Regular yoga on each morning can be reduced to fat stored on the body. Keep in mind, choose the yoga that reduces the stomach fat while choosing yoga. Yoga keeps the body away from all kinds of diseases. Every day of Surya Namaskar, Sarvagasan, Bhujangasan, Vajrasana, Padmasana, Shalabhasana can be beneficial.

Ask junkfood
If you are serious to reduce stomach fat, keep distance from junkfood because junkfood works fast weight gain. Try to eat less oil spices. Sometimes consumption of steam vegetables can also be beneficial. Instead of normal flour, add barley and gram flour should be chapati.

Potent honey
Honey consumption is also beneficial for weight loss or obesity. Drink a little amount of potent honey every morning with empty stomach water, and see the difference. With this, the fat stored on your stomach will disappear within a few days.

Green tea intake
If you are fond of tea, then call milk tea as a boy-boy and add a habit of drinking green tea. Green tea, lemon tea or black tea, rich in antioxidants. Actually, drinking milk tea increases the chances of your obesity going up.

Do not forget to walk
The morning and evening walk keeps the body tight. To remove stomach fat, go out in the morning for some time and take a walk for some time after dinner. With this you will be able to easily reduce the extra calories and reduce the extra fat in the stomach.

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