The dark dense and long hair way inside a few days.

The dark dense and long hair way inside a few days.
If you want to make the hair tall and tall, then some home remedies and some methods will tell. If you search in the market and in Google, you will find it in many ways and we also use it. But do not use it any more, do you know the reason for this? We search in Google to tell how to make the hair taller and taller, and the website that is written in it, its solution and everything is wrong. The information that was given is not wrong, it does not mean that everything is correct. And whatever home remedies are told, they are all right. And it is used as well.

If we do mistake then we use any Ayurvedic home remedies then do it for 1 week or 15 days or 1 month, then we will stop it if there is no difference afterwards. The effect of Ayurvedic domestic remedies immediately It does not happen that its effect gradually happens that we have a fever and do not shoot a pill and after 1 hour we become correct, it does not happen in Ayurveda or domestic prescription. The woman wants her hair to be long and dense. Today's generation begins at the young age and the hair begins to break and then gradually starts counting. If you want to make your hair strong and thick, it will be used regularly and long time, then you will get the benefit of it.

Hair fall or ruptured white hair is the main reason for this stress. First of all, reduce your stress and if you want any article to reduce the stress, I will comment about it also in an article, then let's start We do.

stress free
Stress contributes to your health. Not only this, there is an impact on the length of the hair due to stress, and it starts to fall. If you have long hair, then it is important that you always stay away from stress. You can take yoga and meditation. Also try to keep yourself relaxed as much as possible.

Lemon juice
Lumpy juice can be used more than lion lion can have a bad effect on your hair, so use as much quantity as you said. Mix two teaspoons lemon juice with lukewarm water and massage the hair. Wash it with lukewarm water and shampoo after half an hour of it. You can use it twice a week. Using lemon juice can also have a bad effect on the hair.

Henna is a panacea for hair because it contains abundant nutrients. For this, you soothe the Mehndi in the kadhai of iron for one to two hours. After this, add powder and egg of amla in it and apply it in your hair properly. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo after drying of the henna in the hair. This will increase your hair glow. If you do not want to add amla and egg, then add curd to it and make a paste.
The dark dense and long hair way inside a few days.
The mixture of henna and shikakai for hair has been considered effective since the olden times. Apply iron and shikakai in the curry of iron and apply it on the hair after cooling.

Olive oil
Olive oil massage is both relaxing in body and head. Massage the lukewarm olive oil in the head for 30 minutes. If you have the time, keep the oil in the head for one night. The next day wash the hair with shampoo. Keep in mind that when you wash the hair, the water should not be too hot.

Orange juice
Applying orange juice and apple pulp, hair is long and black by applying it in the hair. You can apply such a mixture twice a week in hair. Wash this mixture after drying it in the hair. This will help you to see faster improvement in hair.

Healthy Diet
It is important to take healthy diets for both healthy body and hair. If you are looking for long and dense hair, then take plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. The lack of protein reduces the problem of having two problems in the hair. If you are having two problems, then immediately treatment Get started.

Curd and egg
Take two eggs and remove the yellow and white part inside it. Mix it with two teaspoons of curd for half an hour in hair. Shampoo in hair after drying. This will strengthen the hair follicles.

Potato juice
Potato juice is very effective on hair fall. Take juice from two or three potato juices. Put this juice in the hair for 15 minutes after washing it. Vitamin B present in potato makes hair tall.

Applying Amla, rich in Vitamin C and adding Amla powder and lemon juice, improves the hair. Wash the head with lukewarm water on drying. After this you can apply serum to your hair. After doing this, you will not get involved after washing your hair.

Aloe vera and egg
Mix aloe vera and eggs in the hair. Wash the head with shampoo after drying. Do not forget to condition the hair. Because of the aloe vera, there is hardness in hair. If you want, you can give hair steam before applying aloe vera. Hair will also benefit from this.

The use of onion is also very effective for hair. To use it, you should take two onion juice and put it in the head. Wash this juice at least 30 minutes after lukewarm water and shampoo. Hair will grow rapidly after doing so.

Keep tied
It is important to protect the hair from pollution, dust, soil and air. Before starting long journey, it would be good to tie your hair or make it a shoe. Apart from this, shampoo can also be done three times a week to protect the hair from pollution.

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