Two easy ways to keep the teeth strong and white.

How are you friends? If you want to make your teeth white and strong, then today I have come with a remedy for you, which will make your teeth absolutely white and shiny and will be strengthened as well. If your face is very beautiful but your teeth are not good then it does not make any sense as beautiful as it is, but if your teeth are yellow and bad then your face will feel less because when you are free, then your teeth will give you face Very bad. That is why it is very important to have good teeth for personality and beauty. If your teeth are full of yellowness and gum, then you have to be embarrassed in front of others. Today, I am going to tell you such a way that the yellowing of your teeth will be completely eliminated and that is also a home remedy.

First of all, understand the method of preparing it. To prepare this recipe, first you have to take an orange peel and take the basil leaf with it and keep them both in the sun while drying After that, make a powder. Now you put this powder in a box. Now, after getting up every morning, you have to take that powder and mix lemon juice in it and brush it. Do this exercise every day for a few days, and then you see your teeth will become shiny and stronger than you can do it for a long time or you can leave it, but until your teeth are completely white Keep on doing it and tell you in marriage that in your mouth smells like that will also end.

If you want to keep your teeth clean, use this method once a week.

If you want to know the way to clean teeth, then I will tell you another way. Do not let your teeth have any fear in this way at least once in the week. It is about cleaning you with salt and you. If you want to do this method, then pour two drops of mustard oil in one half spoon of salt. After that you slowly cleans your teeth, it will remove the yellowness of your teeth.

Brushing twice a day is the most important and easy way to make the teeth strong and white. For this, after brushing in the morning and before sleeping at night, clean the tooth properly. Then see how your teeth grow stronger like pearls. And by doing so, your teeth will always remain whitewash.

If you do not want to do these two methods because it takes a little time, then in the second, now you have a simple solution for it, you have to brush it like regular and you have to brush twice daily. The way to whiten your teeth is to brush it after you wake up in the morning. And brushing the night before sleeping is an easy way to help whiten your teeth.

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